Midair S.A. is an internationally based aviation company providing a wide range of services, including aircraft ownership, leasing and trading.

Midair's international client base drawn from the world's airline and engineering services providers together with the banking and financial sectors. Our business aim is to develop strong and lasting relationships with our clients by providing a friendly and professional technical service. Midair's team has a lifetime of aviation experience based on career backgrounds in aeronautical engineering, airline management, operations and ownership as well banking and law.

The principal activities of Midair S.A. are:
Aircraft Trading and Leasing
Aircraft Engineering and Maintenance
Asset Management for Financial Institutions
Aircraft Re-marketing Services


Aviation Consultancy and Flight Operations

Midair is able to perform a full range of airline and lender consultancy roles for all of the reasons outlined in this presentation. With access to full and real time flight planning and specific performance aircraft programmes Midair is able to perform those route planning analyses required by new airlines and operators moving to different types of aircraft.

Midair SA - 6th Floor, 78 rue du Rhône - 1204 Geneva - Switzerland - Tel.: +41 22 518 0567 - Fax: +41 22 310 1616 - Email: info@midairsa.com